Sandown Grammar School Reunion 2006

Special Call for the Class of 1972!   Where are You?

Maybe this will jog your memory. The list below has the names of (nearly) everyone from 'our' year. Apologies for the errors and omissions. Known gaps include the names of people who joined in the Sixth Form, and 'boys' first names. Sadly some of these people are no longer with us.

Whatever your thoughts regarding reunions, please let us know that you still exist! And if you are in contact with other class members we'd like to know that too. Any information on the whereabouts of people (or corrections to the list) are best posted to the The Reunion Forum.

The Class of 1972
(First Year in 1965)

The Class of '72: John Abbot, Linda Allen, Vivienne Arnold, Arnold, Barton, (?)Peter Beach, Geoff Becker, Marilyn Bennett, Bennett, Christopher Biddlecombe, Jennifer Blake, Terry Blake, Roger Bowater, Box, Catherine Brewer, Jennifer Brookes, Carolyn Brown, Maureen Bull, Burns, Jill Carpenter, Patricia Chalmers, Rachel Chapman, Jane Cherry, C Cheverton, Lynne Churchill, Kevin Clarke, Mary Clough, Margaret Coleman, Susan Cook, Suzanne Cook, Ken Corris, Elizabeth Cox, Martin Darch, Joe Davies, Patricia Day, Denness, Georgina Denny, Annabelle Donn, J Drake, Vaughn Draper, Susan Dyer, Robert Eames, Tim Ellis, Jonathon Fenn (d), Jacqueline Figgest, Claire Fletcher, Hugh Fowler, Gibbs, R? Gillies, Angela Goddard, Jacqueline Gosden, Gillian Gould, Susan Greely, Rachel Green, Anne Groocock, Michael Groom, Neil Guy, Alison Hague, Janet Hampton, Timothy Hancock, Vivien Hayter , Marie Healy, Mark Hickman, David Hilliam, Jonathan Hillier (d), Jeanette Holliday, Mark Hone, Marion Horrocks, Angela Hosking, Wendy Howlett, Christine Hunnybun, Hilary Kettell, Sharyn Knowles, Janina Kurowski, Nicola Lake, Paul Langridge, Peter Lansdell, Janice Ledger, Lee, Alan Lock, Kathleen Long, Doug Louis, Colin Lovegrove, Nigel Lucas, Nigel Mackenzie, Malcolm Mangan, Lynda March, Louise Marder, Dan Maskell, Marilyn McColm, Clare McIsaac, Elizabeth Menear, Anthony Minghella, Rowena Mitchell, Lyn Mucklow, Nye, Elizabeth Owen, Deborah Pacy, Pakes, Lorna Paradise, Penelope Paul, Susan Phillips, Nigel Pidgeon, John Poerscout-Edgerton, Jacqueline Read, Stephen Reed, Christine Robinson, Jane Searle, Mike Shaw, (Tim) Smart, B Smith, Peter Smith, Jennifer Squibb, Deborah Stanton, Judith Tanner, Peter Taylor, Steven Thearle, Alison Thomas, Michael Thompson, Neil Turner, Christopher Turvey, Katrina Walker, Laura Webster, Ken Weight, David Westmore, Barbara White, David White, Annabelle Willett, Andrew J. Wood, R(oger?) Wood, Woodward, Paul Wragby, Terry Wynne, Susan Young.
  Apologies for any errors and omissions. (d) = deceased  

Class of 1972 - Form 'D'

The class of 1972 - 'D' stream boys - in 1969. Photo: Mark Hone. Digital image: Joe Davies

If you recognise any of these reprobates from 1969, my commiserations!

If you know the whereabouts of anyone from this form (particularly any of the 'girls') please email steve(at)"
(that's me: left, middle row)

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