Sandown Grammar School Reunion 2006
for the (High School) classes of
1972 - 1973 - 1974 - 1975 - 1976
... that's you if you were an inkie (at the Grammar School) in 1965, 1966, 1967, 1968, 1969 ...

 The Reunion 2006 Forum.

The place to discuss the 2006 reunion and to plan the next one (perhaps in 2008), to keep in contact with the people you met at the reunion, and to make contact with those who couldn't be there. It's intended for everyone from the reunion classes of 1972 - 1975 (inkie intakes of 1965-1968)- now extended to include the class of 1976 (inkies in 1969)- but all connected with Sandown Grammar School are welcome.

Anyone can view the public messages posted to the Forum, but you will need to register to post messages, view some messages, see user contact details and to email each other. It's easy to use and it's free! For more information, read the Open Letter sent by email to ex-pupils we are already in contact with.

The Reunion Forum is now the place to go for all information, discussions, picture links, contact lists and other reunion-related information - there will be no further developments to this site. Why not visit the forum and see what you are missing? If you need help registering or using the forum please email steve(at) .

Occassionally the forum responds very slowly. If this should happen to you please try again later

first it was the Grand National ...   then the Boat Race ...   next the London Marathon ...

and then it was the big one ...

SGS Reunion 2006!

Hurricanes Rugby Club, Sandown, IOW
Sunday 30th April 2006

For information on the 2006 reunion contact Neil Deakin
e-mail neil(at), text (0034) 629 557 111

Sandown High School 2005 with Sandown Grammar School 1969 landmarks

Special Call for the Class of 1972!   Where are You?

  Class list for the
Class of 1973.
Class list for the
Class of 1974.
Class list for the
Class of 1975.
Staff list for
Staff 1965-1975.

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